sputter target 溅射靶材
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SINO RISINGTECH MATERIAL has over 30 years' research and development experience in the ferrous and nonferrous metal materials fields, and at the same time, we have built a effective scientific research and production team in the new material field.

SINO RISINGTECH MATERIAL closely cooperate with GENERAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, CHINA IRON & STEEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE and GENERAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGY and keep introducing our customers with the most advanced materials, technologies and process.

SINO RISNGTECH MATERIAL, today, has occupied the leading position in the advanced metal material field, including the Titanium based Shape memory materials Thin film Materials Energy Materials EMI Materials, and so on, and at the same time, RISINGTECH MATERIAL is also profession in the metallurgy, refining, alloying, machining, repairing of all most all kinds of nonferrous metal materials, including TUNGSTEN (W), TANTALUM (Ta), NIOBIUM (Nb), TITANIUM (Ti), BERYLLIUM (Be), ZIRCONIUM (Zr), HAFNIUM (Hf), MOLYBDENUM (Mo), COPPER (Cu), NICKEL (Ni), CHROMIUM (Cr), rare earth metals and precious metals.

Till 2008, RISINGTECH MATERIAL has build business, technology and science researching cooperation with more than 30 countries, including most of those developed countries. And RISINGTECH MATERIAL also closely work with local and overseas research organizations to build a better future.